MacBook Light. Years ahead.

Our thinnest and lightest notebook yet

The new design is made out of anodised aluminium in an advanced unibody design.
With MacBook, the aluminium is carried around all sides for a solid, distinctively new look.

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All-New Apple-Designed Keyboard

MacBook features an all-new Apple-designed keyboard. It is a full-size keyboard with a fresh, new look and feel, designed from the ground up to be thin, precise and comfortable to use.

The keyboard features a newly designed butterfly mechanism for balanced and precise key movement. Precise movement is important when designing a thin keyboard—where if the key has too much tilt, it could bottom out on the case before reliably triggering the key stroke.

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Force Touch trackpad

MacBook also features the new Force Touch trackpad. It has the same great large glass trackpad surface with precision tracking and Multi-Touch gesture support. But while it looks like other trackpads, it’s been completely reinvented underneath.

Individual LED Backlit Keyboard

With the all-new keyboard, beneath each key is an individual LED. This allows key-to-key
brightness to be calibrated for uniformity.

The design also focuses light through centre of each key to greatly reduce the “halo”
around the edges creating a more deliberate illumination.

Up to 9 Hours Battery Life

MacBook provides all-day battery life—up to 9 hours when you’re browsing the web. So whether you are out and about, or moving from meeting to meeting or classroom to classroom, MacBook will get you through the day on a single charge.