MacBook Pro

MacBook ProA touch of genius

Retina Display

With over 4 million pixels on the 13-inch and over 5 million pixels on the 15-inch, the Retina display provides an astounding level of clarity.

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Up to 9 Hours Battery Life

The 13-inch MacBook Pro provides up to 9 hours of battery life and 8 hours in the 15-inch MacBook Pro whether you are out and about town, or moving from meeting to meeting or classroom to classroom, MacBook Pro will get you through the day MacBook Pro also supports up to 30 days of standby time.
You can set your MacBook Pro down and come back to it a week or two later, and it comes to life with the press of a button and still has battery life.

Ultrafast Flash Storage

MacBook Pro has an all-flash architecture which has many benefits in a high-performance notebook. Flash provides storage that’s on and ready to go instantly. It has no moving parts which translates into extremely reliable mobile storage. It’s also 90 percent smaller than traditional hard drives so takes up much less space in the notebook.

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Everything about MacBook Pro is high performance — even its I/O

Thunderbolt 2, the fastest, most versatile I/O available delivers 2 times the bandwidth as Thunderbolt — up to 20 Gbps to each device. This allows you to connect to just about anything — external displays, RAID arrays, video capture devices, even FireWire peripherals and Gigabit Ethernet networks A USB 3 port which is designed to work with both USB 3 and USB 2 devices. There’s an HDMI port, perfect for high definition televisions It even supports 4K HDTVs There is also an SD Card slot that also supports speeds of SDXC cards. And there is a headphone port that supports iPhone headsets and audio line out.

Text Looks Like a Printed Page

Text on a Retina display is razor sharp, so everyday things like reading email and browsing the web are better than ever.

Multi-Touch Trackpad

MacBook Pro has a glass Multi-Touch trackpad, with a buttonless design, so you can click anywhere. Pinch to zoom in and out, swipe right and left to flip through photos, rotate to adjust an image, and swipe up with three fingers to launch Mission Control. Multi-Touch is the simple and intuitive way to interact with your Mac.

AppleCare Protection Plan

Every Mac comes with 90 days of telephone technical support and one year of service coverage at an Apple-authorised repair centre. By purchasing the AppleCare Protection Plan with your Mac, you can extend your coverage to three years from the computer’s purchase date.